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Advanced aesthetic surgery and
Through regenerative medicine
We achieve beauty of mind and body

To help you stay positive and enjoy your life as you are Enjoy your life as you are,
We believe that aesthetic medicine is "medical care that values your own personality

Since opening our business here in 2005, we have been working to ensure that the average life expectancy is over 85 years old, and that the population of over 100 years old is increasing.
In today's Japan, where the average life expectancy is over 85 years old and the population over 100 years old is increasing, the age after 60 is not "old age"


but theIt is the third stage of life.

We would like you to live positively in the final stage of your life, taking off a little of the burden of social responsibilities and child rearing, and cherishing the time you have with your loved ones.
We hope that you will live the final stage of your life in a positive way. The face is part of our personality and identity,
Changes due to aging or accidents can cause anxiety and a sense of loss.

Aesthetic medicine is close to the heart of each individual, and by treating the changes and scars caused by aging
We believe that this is the way it should be, as it will help you regain your sense of self and lead to a clearer mind.



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After 3 months

Our original regenerative medicine with an international reputation

Dr. Jóia's PRPF Therapy


Our original Dr. Jóia style PRPF®︎ therapy sounds like an application of PRP therapy, In fact, its application is completely different: the effect of PRP alone is actually very mild and can rejuvenate the skin itself, but it is impossible to produce volume.

PRPF, when injected subcutaneously, can regenerate almost the same amount of fat as injected one month later. The PRPF can regenerate the desired amount of autologous fat in the desired area, and since the regenerated fat is not absorbed, it can be used semi-permanently to increase volume.
The volume can be increased semi-permanently.

*PRPF is a registered trademark of Tomoko Hayashi at Jóia Clinic Kyoto.


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After 6months

Subbrow dermabrasion / Blepharoplasty

Eyelid Surgery

- 20 years of experience and results in eyelid surgery / Pioneer of submental dermabrasion

The "Effectiveness of Subbrow Wrinkle Removal" written by the Director was published in 2003 in the Journal of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
(JSAPS) in 2003, which became the world's first article on subhypobrow dermabrasion.
As the creator of the subhypobrow dermabrasion technique, he has authored textbooks and articles, and has given countless lectures both in Japan and abroad,
She has also given countless lectures in Japan and abroad.

At our clinic, our director, based on her extensive knowledge and experience, provides highly accurate and precise sub-brow dermabrasion techniques.
We offer a wide range of sub-brow dermabrasion and blepharoplasty procedures with minimal downtime.


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After a year

Keloid and scar revision

- Make scars less noticeable and lighten your heart - for the sake of the patient's smile.

Keloids, which can cause unsightly scars, pain, and itching, are not only physically but also emotionally painful,
They can cause physical as well as emotional pain.
However, some people are reluctant to see a doctor, or even if they do see a doctor, they are told that it will not get any better and give up.
Some patients give up because they are told that they will not get any better.
There are many patients who have come to our clinic
We have many patients who have come to our clinic with such scars and keloids in their past. As the last rock for patients suffering from scars and keloids
We are committed to providing sincere and compassionate care.
Please leave it to us for revision after aesthetic surgery at other hospitals.




The Latest Regenerative Medicine from the Ancient Capital of Kyoto
Luxury travel for a more beautiful you

Medical Tourism Kyoto


Our specialists will provide you with a consultation to discuss your concerns and desired image.
Please feel free to consult with us first so that you can get an idea of what you would like to look like after the surgery.


Counseling Patterns

*Appointments can only be made on Tuesday morning/Thursday afternoon two weeks in advance.

Thank you for sending us your inquiry e-mail.
A representative will contact you shortly.


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