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Lower eyelid groove under eyes PRPF injection therapy

We performed our clinic's original PRPF injection therapy on a man suffering from lower eyelid groove under the eyes, Not only are lower eyelid groove under the eyes improved, but also fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, and you can see that the skin has become more supple. It is the unique effect of PRPF that is not injected hyaluronic acid ♪ is our hospital's original highly effective treatment. If you are at all concerned, please feel free to contact us .

Name of procedure

PRPF Therapy



Procedure Details

PRPF is injected subcutaneously with an ultrafine needle into the skin by adding an appropriate amount of b-FGF to PRP (platelet-rich plasma) adjusted to the optimum concentration.

Risks and Side Effects

Subcutaneous bleeding spots, swelling, redness, dull pain


About 1 week

Cost Including Tax

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