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20 years of experience in eyelid surgery: pioneer in Sub-brow blepharectomy.

Do you have any of these problems?


I have a hard time opening my eyes lately. "
" My eyelids feel heavy in the evening. "
" My upper eyelids are sagging and my vision is blocked."
" People say I have sleepy eyes. "

If you have these symptoms, your eyelids may have begun to age.
There are actually two types of eyelid aging. The first is the aging of the muscle that opens the eyelid, and the second is the aging of the skin of the eyelid. Muscle aging = ptosis, but skin aging = skin laxity, which is not ptosis, but more accurately eyelid skin laxity. 

In other words, the skin of the eyelid has sagged due to aging. In fact, even ophthalmologists can make errors in judgment, so it is not surprising that they can be misinterpreted.

Misdiagnosis of these two conditions may result in wrong and unnecessary surgery, so it is important to choose an experienced and proven surgeon who is well versed in the techniques and indications for these two surgeries.

In fact, "Effectiveness of Subbrow Wrinkle Removal" written by the Director was published in the Journal of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (JSAPS) in 2003, and this was the world's first paper on subbrow dermabrasion. 

As the creator of the subhypobrow dermabrasion technique, he has written countless textbooks, articles, and lectures in Japan and abroad.

Our clinic offers a wide variety of sub-brow dermabrasion and blepharoplasty procedures with little downtime and high precision by our director based on his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Director's Commitment 1: Do not spoil the natural impression

It is the Director's unwavering policy to provide natural and beautiful results in all surgical procedures. Please be assured that the Director will provide you with detailed counseling until you are satisfied with the results.


We place great importance on a natural impression that is not deliberate and is unique to the individual.

Director's Commitment 2: Minimal Downtime

Having surgery in between busy schedules can be a challenge. Even so, it is still normal to have swelling for about a week. We do not take the gravity of this matter lightly. As a cosmetic surgeon, not only for submental excision, but also as a surgeon, I consider it a failure if the swelling persists for more than two weeks, and I go to the surgery with the utmost care. In his surgeries, 80% of the swelling disappears at the time of suture removal one week later, and it is usually almost completely gone by the second week. For more information, please see the video and case photos.

Director's Commitment 3: High-precision Technology

 Our director has been performing this surgery for over 20 years (the oldest in the world), so we offer highly accurate surgery backed by a wealth of experience and knowledge. We are dedicated to beautiful results.

Director's Commitment 4: Discreet Scars

 For inconspicuous scars, it is essential to have three things in place: 1) delicate and careful design, 2) precise incision technique, and 3) highly accurate suture technique. One millimeter makes a big difference in eyelids. The Director has made scar revision and keloid surgery his life's work for many years. 

The scars are at a level where the patient ultimately forgets that the surgery was performed.

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