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Keloids due to burns

6 years old: male

Seven months after a third-degree burn from hot oil at the time of initial examination.

The right lower eyelid is pulled downward due to thick hypertrophic scarring and contracture (pulling) from the right cheek to the chin.

2 years after surgery

Details of Progress and Postoperative Therapy

◉Stitches removed 1 week later


◉Immediately after the stitches are removed, the wound and the remaining keloid area are immobilized with pressure using sponges and tape.

In addition, a cervical corset is worn for 3 months.

All of this is done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


◉The thick keloids will gradually flatten and the skin texture will normalize over the next 1-2 years.

Name of procedure

Facial scar constriction surgery,

Stemmed skin grafting, keloidectomy.


6 years old: Male

Procedure Details

ーーKey points of the designーー

The angle of the mouth is raised in the same direction as the healthy side.

The thickest part of the keloid is excised, provided that the wound does not cross the line that connects to the mastoid labial fold.

Extend the wound vertically.

We designed a contiguous anomalous skin valve with emphasis on the above three points. The shaded area is the keloid area to be resected.

ーーImmediately after surgeryーー

The skin was extended vertically and the keloids were removed horizontally, and the skin was replaced to obtain symmetry of the corners of the mouth.

Risks and Side Effects

Subcutaneous bleeding spots,swelling,pain


10-14 days

Suture removal is 7 days after surgery

Cost Including Tax

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