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Scar contracture plasty

About 2 years have passed since the 1st surgery

When opening the mouth wide, a sticking sensation occurs. This is due to the fact that normal skin naturally stretches as it grows, but the skin in the burn area is hard and has poor elasticity, making it difficult to stretch.

Three years after initial surgery

Surgery planned to improve the tugging (contracture) at the border between the normal skin and the skin that was burned.

One year and two months after surgery

The pulling (contracture) at the time of opening the mouth has been resolved.

The upper lip has also become smooth and soft in texture. The difference in color tone between normal and burnt skin is noticeable.

Name of procedure

Scar contracture plasty


9 years old: Male

Procedure Details

① Right nasolabial fold 5-flap x2 + Z-plasty x1 combination to release contracture.

② Right angle of mouth to mento-labial line 5-flapx1 + Z-plasty x2 combination to release contracture.

③ Upper lip Excision of hypertrophic scar (keloid): Z-plasty was applied to the vermilion border to prevent contracture.

Risks and Side Effects

Subcutaneous bleeding spots, swelling, pain


1 week

Cost Including Tax

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