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For those who suffer from prominent scars and painful keloids.

Lessen the appearance of scars and lighten the heart - for the smiles of the patients.

Keloids, which cause unpleasant-looking scars, pain, and itching, can be painful not only physically, but also mentally.


However, some patients are too lazy to visit the clinic, or even if they do, they are told that "it will never get better" and give up.


 There are many patients who have come to our clinic with such a past. We are committed to providing sincere care so that we can be the last resort for keloid patients and help them resolve their problems.


 We would like to explain the treatment process at our clinic. Please click here to learn more about our treatment methods.The PRPF Therapy Research Group holds a workshop every year (hosted by Ms. Hiroko Hayashi, Chairperson / location: Jóia Clinic Kyoto).

About Keloid Treatment

Preserved treatments

 Concerned about thinning hair
  Want to improve fine lines and wrinkles
  Dullness of the skin
  Want to improve the elasticity of my skin.
  Want to take anti-aging to the next level

If the keloid is less than 5 cm in size, multiple conservative treatments are continued every month until some improvement in symptoms is achieved.

If the improvement persists, the treatment is stopped, but if it recurs, it is continued until the condition improves again.

(Example of conservative treatment in our clinic) Oral tranilast (e.g., Lizaben) + local injection of corticosteroids + compression therapy


Surgery + Radiotherapy

If the size of the keloid is large or if conservative treatment is not effective, "surgery plus radiation therapy" is performed. 

Radiotherapy after surgery is essential because surgery alone causes recurrence in almost 100% of cases. Radiotherapy uses a superficial form of radiation called an electron beam. 

Electron beams reach a depth of only 2 cm, so they do not affect internal organs and are relatively safe. 

In the case of hypertrophic scars, surgery alone is possible and radiotherapy is not necessary in principle.
For more information, please refer to "Keloid 110," a website specializing in keloids.

Scar revision

Cosmetic surgery revision at other hospitals, car accidents, injuries, old scars, and even the smallest scars can be beautifully corrected and made less noticeable.

Examples of revisions: incisional eyelids, skin removal under the eyebrows, facelift, arachnoid surgery, old scars from childhood injuries, wrist cuts, burns, C-sections, surgical scars, etc.

If you suffer from scars, no matter how small they may be, please have the courage to see us.

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